The Forever Walk China


Genre: Documentary

Length*Episode: 30min*5ep

Led by National Geographic explorer and writer Paul Salopek, the Forever Walk (Out of Eden Walk) is a historic 34000KM foot journey across the world whose mission is to record the face of modern life on Earth along the ancient pathways of the first human beings who migrated out of Africa during the stone age. After nine years ‘walk, Paul Salopek has arrived in China.
Documentary series “The Forever Walk: China “follows Paul’s journey and showcases for both domestic and worldwide audiences the vast mosaic of cultural, natural and historical riches of China that are rarely seen, slowly, at boot-level, by most outsiders and even by many Chinese.

Contact information:

SMG Pictures,WingsMedia,SMG,OPG
Cong Li
Phone: +86 13918630609

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