The Corner of Love


Genre: Drama

Length*Episode: 45min*39ep

Fang Ling, a white-collar elite and a hot mother. Unfortunately,she experienced the worse time of her life. She was cheated on by her husband and got divorced. Then she was swindled when buying an apartment. Helplessly, Fang Ling took her 6-year-old son to share housing with a stranger Chen Juyi. Enemies and lovers are destined to meet. While she was strong in personality and had a handsome income at a senior position, he though little of fame or interests and was good at housework. Seeming not the same kind of people in every aspect, they struggled against each other with wits and courage, trying to occupy a bigger space in the apartment. During their fight for living space, this special “blended family” actually led a very down-to-earth life. They got closer and closer, and seeds of love germinated gradually….

Contact information:

SMG Pictures,WingsMedia,SMG,OPG
Cong Li
Phone: +86 13918630609

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