Food of Old Shanghai


Genre: Documentary

Length*Episode: 30min*7ep

“Food of Old Shanghai” is based on Shanghai’s local time-honored food, bringing out vivid stories of people and food. The program reflecting the exquisite and affordable lifestyle of Shanghainese and the humanistic spirit of tolerance and innovation, which is a humanistic documentary with a high degree of integration of taste and emotion. The creative team delved into the capillaries of the old Nanjing Road in Shanghai, presenting the vivid and beautiful food; It records the dedicated, funny and innovative time-honored chefs; It captures the different lifestyles of different diners who enjoy this taste; It shows the spirit of Shanghai: “Empty Sea, tolerance is a great”.

Contact information:

SMG Pictures,WingsMedia,SMG,OPG
Cong Li
Phone: +86 13918630609

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