Ancient Detective


Genre: Drama

Length*Episode: 42min*24ep

In the martial world, a murderer with quick swordsmanship called Wang Hua made the world full of misery and suffering. All the heroes determine to fight against Devil Wang Hua at Shenji Valley. However, the Battle of Shenji Valley turned out to be a huge defeat. The eldest brother, Jian Jin Huan had fought Wang Hua till his death, but Wang Hua’s body has vanished. Everyone had kept silent about this incident.
Eight years ago, a detective who forgets everything tries to find his past, the only thing he knows is his father is Jian Jin Huan. He is wandering around to figure out the truth of his father’s death. What else will he discover along his adventure?

Contact information:

SMG Pictures,WingsMedia,SMG,OPG
Cong Li
Phone: +86 13918630609

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