Fairyland Romance


Genre: Costume, Romance

An isolated village in Southwest named Peach Blossom Valley because of its thousand miles of peach blossom. Zuo Jinglun who intend to go Yao Zhou for his assumption of duty but accidentally enter Peach Blossom Valley. As an outsider,his identity brings him death instead, the leader of Peach Blossom Valley Liu Qingqing save him because she doesn’t want to bring any death into her valley. Zuo Jinglun finds his inner peace in the valley and a romantic love story between him and Liu Qingqing is also growing. Time flies, Zuo Jinglun intend to escape from Peach Blossom Valley for his assumption of duty, Liu Qingqing follows him to Yao Zhou, along the way Liu Qingqing ends up in helping him govern Yao Zhou and Zuo Jinglun also successfully guards the people in Peach Blossom Valley, they finally in love.

Contact information: zhuliangjie@huacemedia.com

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