Farewell Letter


Genre: Premium Drama

Year: 2023

Episodes: In Production

Duration: In Production

Producer: Most Production

Languages: TBC

Available As: Finished Episodes & Format

Alanur’s life, which she completely depended on Ziya, is turned upside down with the letter. Exactly 30 years later, whether we call it a twist of fate, the infallible justice of the universe or the power of love, the paths of Yıldız and Karlı families cross again. The fate of two opposed families, especially Alanur and Ziya, is now in the hands of their children, Aslı and Mehmet. While love is waiting to be in the right place at the right time, the fate of Aslı and Mehmet unites in the wrong place at the wrong time. Aslı will go to Sorbonne, one of the most prestigious schools in France, and Mehmet  will marry Hatice, whom he loves like a sister.  Despite their families’ objections, they choose to walk this path together. What these two fresh lovers don’t know is that the roots of their strong feelings go back much further, 30 years ago. While Mehmet’s father Ziya and Aslı’s mother Alanur were about to get married, Ziya suddenly disappeared and left Alanur all alone. Now the two former lovers have to sit at the same table, this time as in-laws. Moreover, Seher, who never won Ziya’s love despite giving him three children, and Hatice, who was abandoned right before the engagement, and her family will accompany them at that table. In order for Aslı and Mehmet to be able to leave that table every evening, hand in hand and eye to eye, they will have to successfully pass the tests of this group of people who will test their love with more challenging conditions every day. While Hatice’s father Nevzat, who is obsessed with money ambition, is undermining the company… Seher, who has a great grudge and jealousy against Alanur, is trying to take all the years of pain out of Aslı… While Hatice, whose dreams of marriage with Mehmet, with whom she grew up together, have been shattered, is burning with the fire of revenge. Every night, the young couple will close the door of the room and try to leave all these quarrels and conflicts outside, to find peace in a room illuminated only by kindness and love. All the characters involved in our story will be tested again by this fire. Either they will burn all together or a brand new hope will sprout from within them…


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