Infernal Affairs


Duration: 40 eps * 45 min

Genre: Action, Historical, Crime, War

Broadcast Date: March 30, 2023

Broadcast Platform: Tencent

Director: QI Dao


JIN Dong as LU Feng

WANG Likun as HUA Xiangyu

WANG Zhiwen as MU Xihe

Zhang Zhijian as SHAN Guan

During the Wang regime period, Lu Feng who grew up in the orphanage was ordered to enter No.76 Headquarter as an undercover, but because of the nature of suspicious, Headquarter leader Shen Xiao almost exposed Lu Feng’s identity. When Lu Feng finally undercover into No.76 and become the highest level of secret agent, he found out that he has to against with his girlfriend Hua Xiangyu. Two people who love each other have experienced a variety of misunderstandings, cooperated with each other in several secret activities and completed a series of secret tasks to determine each other’s identity. During that time, Lu Feng gradually realize Juntong’s internal darkness and disputes over power interests. After experiencing teacher’s betrayal and relative’s death, he joined the Communist Party of China, become the undercover agent lurk in Juntong. After that, he cooperated closely with the organization, fought against the enemy with wisdom and courage, arranged lot of delicate traps, experienced the baptism of love, affection and friendship, and won a turning point for the final victory of the war of resistance

Contact: Yaonan Liu


Phone: 13880005664

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