Kukan Culture “one-stop” unlocking WCM


Kukan Culture put forward the concept of “One-stop Content Ecosystem Overseas Service”. Focusing on the overseas distribution of Chinese video content and SNS operation services, it is committed to helping domestic content out of China. This time, Kukan is making its debute appearance on WCM 2023 with a lineup featuring “The Evidence Tells” and “Battle Through The Heavens”, fully prepared to actively promote Chinese cultural content.

From the sweet drama “Hello, The Sharpshooter”, which was launched on Kukan’s YouTube channel, to the costume romantic drama “Order of Sommelier” and “Unique Lady Season 2” showing China’s unique oriental culture, and the suspense series “The Evidence Tells” brings excellent sensory stimulation and interprets female charms with the perspective of two heroines solving the case.

In addition, Kukan will also show a number of other drama and anime content to buyers in the market. For more information, please contact Candice (candice@kukancc.com), Lani (lani@kukancc.com).

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