The Girl who Sees Smell


Genres: Comedy / Youth / Romance

Duration: 24eps*30mins

Short description: Lu’s life has reached its lowest point. Despite having the gift of perfect taste and the desire to work as a sommelier, she can only find employment as a supermarket wine marketer. 

By coincidence, she helps Xu Ming Chen, head of the Anda Group. A chance kiss unlocks the door to their future; Lu’s kiss is the sole “antidote” to Xu Ming Chen’s peculiar illness. Xu Ming Chen approaches and pursues Lu Yi in several methods to treat the sickness.

Lu and Xu Ming Chen gradually transition their sentiments from hostility to love. While Lu believes she has found the ideal partner, their relationship still has a long way to go. For example, the hindrance from the family, the tension between one’s goals and work, Xu Ming Chen’s childhood buddy, and other factors.

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