Nothing but Thirty


Genres: Career / Romance / Modern

Duration: 43eps*45mins

Russian Dubbing: Available

Short description: The drama follows the perspectives of three 30-year-old women and tells the story of urban women who encounter multiple pressures at the age of 30. Gu Jia, a full-time wife with strong abilities, she manages her small family and her husband’s company in an orderly manner. Wang Manni is a maverick rebel, convinced that she has both the face and brain, and she always deserves better. Zhong Xiaoqin lives a very standard life. Her husband is committed to his work as a public servant, and she keeps an ordinary job herself. However, all of them have their own troubles in life and intimate relationship.

Contact information:

Eunice 86 18382090940 86 0571 88254052

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