Hangzhou IX Media Co., Ltd.


As a global distribution company, Hangzhou IX Media Co., Ltd. is engaged in domestic and overseas distribution of Chinese contents, introduction of overseas contents to China, investment and financing of film and TV series, etc. We provide production companies who are intending to develop domestic and overseas markets with diversified and full-link distribution solutions, empower traditional copyright transactions with digital marketing methods and advanced technologies, create international supply chain of high-quality film and television contents, and promote the trading of global contents.

IX Media has more than 200 overseas full-media channels for end-users, covering the mature markets for marketing of Chinese contents, such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in China, as well as Japan, South Korea and ten ASEAN countries represented by Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, and reaching new markets, such as Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Pan-American region, etc.

IX Media has always maintained the pioneering and enterprising spirit to make breakthroughs in both Chinese and overseas markets. We adhere to the international marketing strategy and actively make exchanges with global counterparts. Accordingly, we participate in nearly 20 mainstream international film festivals every year to constantly expand our new contacts with overseas users, and win unanimous recognition from customers with our high-quality professional services.

Contact information:

Eunice Eunice.l@ixmediahz.com 86 18382090940

info@ixmediahz.com 86 0571 88254052

IX Media: www.ixmediahz.com

For more Chinese content: www.interlib.asia

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