Chinese TV Series The Magical Women, Featuring Two Single Mothers as Dual Protagonists, Debuts at WCM 2023


The Magical Women is an urban emotional drama television series with a realistic theme. It’s directed by a famous Chinese director, Chen Chang, and is exclusively distributed overseas by IX Media. Starring renowned Chinese actresses Qin Lan and Deng Jiajia, the series is joined by a strong cast including Zhang Junning, Wu Xiaoliang, Sun Ning, Tian Yitong, etc.

The series follows the emotional and career paths of Su Fei and An Ning. As Su Fei faces a marital crisis, An Ning is trapped in an emotional scam. However, the two women, who have very different personalities, feel sympathy for each other because of the collapse of Su Fei’s marriage. The two single mothers form a “Her Alliance” as they know that girls help girls. Finally, they successfully fight back against the scumbag who violates the bottom line of marriage and move on to a new life!

The Magical Women explores realistic topics such as family, relationships, and career. It vividly recreates the real dilemmas faced by women in real life. Apart from the heartwarming friendship among girls, sobering truths about marriage and relationships full of twists and turns can also be seen. Not only is it an enjoyable show featuring two female leads, but it is also a great sample to observe the changes in Chinese domestic relationships.

The Magical Women premiered on iQiyi on April 1, 2023. Besides this drama, IX Media brings several high-quality Chinese TV series to this year’s WCM (World Content Market), including the modern romance series Stop! Miss Hua and Unforgettable Love, career-woman series Nothing But Thirty, Dr. Tang, and The Investigator, and costume romance series Warm on a Cold Night, The Letter from the Cloud, Fall in Love with a Fox, Rewriting Destiny, etc. For more information about The Magical Women and our other programs, please stop by our booth at 20-6 or contact us via

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