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A year of the best general hospital in Korea is revealed for the for the first time.

There are doctors with a special vocation.

By following intense daily routine at the hospital, It shows the agony that only they have.

We look into touching and healing stories around the best medical staff with their routines and space of general hospital that we didn’t know.

From the moment we were born, we are connected by ‘gravity’ and standing on the earth.

The hospital is the space between our beginning and end, life and health.

A new life is born in the hospital, and the child grows up and become a doctor or a nurse, and some of them visit hospital as an patients or guardians of them.

After taking off their uniforms, they are our family and neighbors.

Everyone we meet at the hospital stays around us and fill our 365 days.

If we realize our invisible connection to each other, the fact that we have no choice but to be solidarity as a warm consolation of 36.5℃.


Lee Sun Young / / +82 10 4111 1881

Heo Eunhye / / +82 10 5389 6169

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