We, Toytron, are one of the biggest 5 toys and IP company in South Korea. Our representative brands are “DoReMi Dalimi” and “Harp and Friends”, they were created in 2021 with animation.
“Harp and Friends” had been broadcasted on EBS, a public education broadcasting station in Korea, March to August 2022. It recorded a high viewer rating of more than 33% from the second episode. It contains Harp and friends’ funny daily life and adventure at “Snowflake Island”. It characterized the Harp seal, an endangered animal, to deliver eco-friendly clean message.
“DoReMi Dalimi” has 2 season and season 1 was aired on KBS1, a representative Korean public broadcasting station, from April to November 2021. Season 2 has been on air on KBS1 since October 2022. It opened a new genre of musical animation and received a lot of sympathy and applause. It contains fun daily life that Dalimi experiences with family and friends have been made into beautiful songs and videos.

Contact information: Yun Kyoung Kwon; +82 1039237556

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