United Fathers


Genre: Reality, Observational Variety Show / 90min x 21eps on-going

Synopsis: There is no answer to parenting… or is there?

Korean parents and even grandparents have jumped into the warfare of childcare! It isn’t easy to raise children in your own country, so how on earth do you raise children abroad?

Dads from different cultural backgrounds share their unique parenting skills and offer possible insights to baffled parents seeking answers to childcare.

Contact Information: Hae-Yong, JEONG / pronet21@mbc.co.kr / +82 2 789 3713

MBC Global: http://content.mbc.co.kr

MBC Drama: https://ebooknara.com/ebook/20220617/011/

MBC Format: https://ebooknara.com/ebook/20221014/011/

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