The Well of Butchhanan

Genre: Melo, Drama, Action

Total Episode & Running Time: 10-episodes, 70 minutes

Broadcast Period: Broadcast prearranged for 4 quarter of 2024

Writer: ung Hoon-Kim (Wrote Netflix Sitcom <Want Earth to End Today>)

Introduction: This drama is based on novel <The Well of Butchhanan> written by Yong Min Jang’s, who also wrote ‘The Ultimate Child’ and ‘Ghost Moth’.

Current State: Synopsis Completed. Writing 1-2 episode screenplay

Logline: Rhapsody of Real Desire, Fake Life, and Crazy Love on the 90’s fake market; Beauty who had to choose to be erotic actor over real actor, uses the obsession of a genius luxury repairman who would have been happy if he did not know love, to win desperate success.

Production Goal:

<Authentic Desire> Fulfilling the Desire or Being Unaware of the Desire. What makes us more merrier?

Nowadays we do not choose between a pig satisfied and Socrates dissatisfied. Everybody says they want to be Satisfied-Socrates. Then, won’t there be any Dissatisfied-Pig left behind? This pig even knows the elegance of the Socrates. This drama starts from the desire of the Dissatisfied-Pig, who was forced to live the destiny (that) it did not ask for.

They escaped the cage to avoid being treated as pig, but has fallen into the well.

It’s about their authentic desire; Love that turned into Obsession, Morale that turned into Greed.

<Fake Life> Is It Possible to tell which is masterpiece from the fake out of the trash bag?

Celebrities, entertainers, and shamans share similar destiny. Fire may start the same, but Destiny changes depending on what it burns.

In other words, no matter how beautiful, lavish the fire is, it gets to burn ‘only’ trash if it starts at garbage dumps.

Brain, who could even be a strategic director in a rich family, just gets to be a weird scumbag in a world of gangsters.

This world, who you are does not matter. What really matters is where you were born. In this kind of world, it is unfair for those who are way too pretty and too smart, that it almost seems to be fair if they were less pretty and less smart.

We want to talk about lives of people; themselves are almost close to masterpiece, but their life is close to fake.

We want to tell real from fake of life through group of bittersweet people who have no choice but to act out.


CMO ANTHONY KIM | +82-10-3025-0987 |

PD An Ji Won |+82-10-6235-3790 |

Producer LEE YUN YONG | +82-10-6821-2535 |

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