The Garden of Harmony

Genre: Romance, Youth, Family, Historical

Total Episode & Running Time: 16-episodes, 70 minutes

Broadcast Period: Broadcast prearranged for 1 quarter of 2024

Writer: Seongrae-Kim (Wrote Novel <Straight Brush – A Raised Brush>, SBS <Jang Ok-Jeong, Live for Love> etc.)

Introduction: This drama is based on webtoon <The Garden of Harmony>.

Current State:Synopsis Completed. Script Completed to episode 8

Logline: I’m certain. If I open my firmly closed eyes to look at someone next to me, if I take hands off from my ears to reach out to someone next to me, warm stare will bring smile to the face, warmth swirling up from two held hands will thaw out the cold heart.

I am certain, there’s <The Garden of Harmony> where we can all be together. Just like the youth of ‘Jang-agk One’ used to.

Production Goal: It’s more accurate to call ‘Jang-agk One’ as ‘Royal Orchestra of Joseon’ than ‘Entertainment Management of Joseon’ But look closer. You’ll understand why we call ‘Jang-agk One’ as ‘Entertainment Management of Joseon’,

Because those known for playing with the beat are all gathered here, at Jeseon Jang-agk One. BTS, Wanna One, and Twice, beautiful young blood in their teens run the culture. Admirable youth at the lead of the culture, would have been the same at that time as well.

So, what do we REALLY want to know? A story we do not talk about, but we ALL want to know, is our Idol’s Love Story. The love story of two genius musicians falling in love with the king’s woman and court lady, will be more intense and risky than a love story of today’s idols climbing over the fence with face covered in mask and hoodies.

There’s more. Competition over love expands to music competition. Remember the idol-competition program where they cried and fought over occupying the center and the parts? Same here at ‘Jang-agk One’ as well. We will witness fierce music competition of the youth of Jang-agk One.

Youth who run with dreams and hopes in their hearts, youth who rise again even after the fall-down, youth who may bicker from time to time but eventually makes harmony, And youth who are willing to sacrifice their lives for passionate love. <The Garden of Harmony> is story of such youth.


CMO ANTHONY KIM | +82-10-3025-0987 |

PD An Ji Won |+82-10-6235-3790 |

Producer LEE YUN YONG | +82-10-6821-2535 |

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