Really? Really? Mafia? (RRM)

Genre:           Romance, Comedy, Action

Total Episode & Running Time: 12-episodes, 70 minutes

Broadcast Period: Broadcast prearranged for 3 quarter of 2024

Writer: Jung Hoon-Kim (Wrote Netflix Sitcom <Want Earth to End Today>)

Introduction: This romantic comedy drama, being planned as 12-episodes 70 minutes each, is about Unmotivated Mafia ‘Seppae’ and Passionate BL specialized writer ‘Jihoo’ falling in love at “the temple”.

Current State: Synopsis Completed, Writing 1-2 episode screenplay

Logline          Romantic story of 100% Combative BL Writer Matilda, who tries to turn 100% Lazy Mafia into Sexy Leon.

Production Goal:  

< Family Drama of Salaried Mafia >

There are so many Mafia Movies, and they look all the same ; Typical Hot Mafia in tailor-made suit shooting in the middle of the street, and rich enough to ride in Sedan. However, our Mafia is not close to any of these typical images. Our ‘salaried’ mafia is nothing close to violence, actually he is more close to being lethargic. A “Humble” mafia who shops at outlet shopping mall,

A “Friendly” mafia who suffers from the collectivism of an organization that runs counter to individualism in the 21st century.

However, he has no will to fight against irrationality, nor desires to be the boss. This mafia is so uninterested toward everything that he seems to have almost reached nirvana… or maybe he is just lazy. Anyways, THIS IS OUR MAIN CHARACTER. And the character setting that other characters our mafia encounter, were friends with him from Buddhist kindergartens, will touch your heart as new type of Family Drama.

< Office Comedy played at the Back Office of the temple >

Friends from Buddhist kindergarten, now all joined the same company. That company happens to be ‘the temple’. They work in the temple but do not deliver the noble word of Budda like monk. Actually they are salary man. They film temple promotional video, study dishes for donators, run Kindergarten bus, earning money to prepare for future just like us. Office Comedy played by unique staffs working at the temple’s back office. This drama is nothing close to any stories you have ever seen before. But you’ll see yourself relating to this story in no time.


CMO ANTHONY KIM | +82-10-3025-0987 |

PD An Ji Won |+82-10-6235-3790 |

Producer LEE YUN YONG | +82-10-6821-2535 |

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