Only sixteen

Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Youth, Mystery

Total Episode & Running Time: 16-episodes, 70 minutes

Broadcast Period: Broadcast prearranged for 2 quarter of 2024

Writer: Yuyeon-Jang (Wrote tvN One Act Play <#AGF> (Addicted to Great Flavor), KAKAO M Web Drama <Dear Us, When We Were Beautiful> etc.)

Introduction: This drama is based on the comic <Classmate-only sixteen> serially published on Naver every Friday.

Current State: Synopsis Completed, Script Completed to episode 8

Logline: In Joo-Seo has no memory from the past.

One day, Gyeum-Jae Back, who was her class mate from sixteen, shows up in front of her and says, “I want you to remember me.”

Production Goal: We are all unstable. Sometimes we make wrong choices and do wrong things. And end up regretting, but life will still go on no matter what. However do not despise and resent yourself too much to erase yourself. Time will come, when it’s okay to let down the guard and be kind to yourself. So I want to talk about sophisticated story of accepting, and overcoming the pain.

That’s when I met this story; it starts from encounter of Injoo Seo, who lost her memory due to her incomplete choices and mistakes in the past, and Gyeumjae Back, who can say his whole life is all about that memory. Story starts from this ‘same memory’ from sixteen when they first met.

That memory came to mean something different for these two as 13 years passed. “That memory” became painful past that Inju wanted to erase, and “That memory” became everything to Gyeumjae that motivated him to live the present.

“That memory” will become big narrative through this drama. So <Sixteen> is…

Human Drama: It’s about people. Mystery Drama: It’s about Injoo and Gyeumjae matching puzzle pieces of their memories. Melodrama: It’s about Injoo and Gyeumjae falling in love as they get to understand each other through this journey.


CMO ANTHONY KIM | +82-10-3025-0987 |

PD An Ji Won |+82-10-6235-3790 |

Producer LEE YUN YONG | +82-10-6821-2535 |

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