Midnight Horror Story


Genre: Horror, Talk Show / 80min x 80 eps On-going

Synopsis: “Watch something scary when you are lonely. Then you won’t be alone any longer”. Scary and interesting bedtime stories your grandmother told you as a child, stories your parents told you, things that happened while traveling with friends, scary stories of the military, scary stories about elevators, scary stories about ghosts underwater at fishing sites, strange stories that aren’t about ghosts… This horror story talk show brings you the scariest and strangest of them all along with sleepless nights.

Contact Information: Hae-Yong, JEONG / pronet21@mbc.co.kr / +82 2 789 3713

MBC Global: http://content.mbc.co.kr

MBC Drama: https://ebooknara.com/ebook/20220617/011/

MBC Format: https://ebooknara.com/ebook/20221014/011/

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