Love Space – The other world

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Total Episode & Running Time: 16-episodes, 70 minutes

Broadcast Period: Broadcast prearranged for 2 quarter of 2024

Writer: Jin-Joo (Wrote Novel <Straight Brush – A Raised Brush>, SBS <Jang Ok-Jeong, Live for Love> etc.)

Introduction: Some people are meant to be. What if somebody “made” them to meant to be, by connecting ‘red thread and blue thread?’ This drama starts from this imagination.

Current State: Synopsis Completed. Script Completed to episode 4

Logline: ‘As the Door opens, my forever-dreamed love will start!’

Fantasy: Space where love happens – Jo-ah, Manager of Love Space and Mu-jin, man who never loved. Their journey of finding destined love through tangled blue and red thread.

Production Goal:  

Person next to me, can he/she be my destiny? Will us be together forever? Maybe that person who just passed by could have been my destiny! Once in a while, we all wonder, ‘where is my true love?’ This story starts from this question.

‘Love Space’ Fantasy world where dream of love comes true. Managers from Love Space tie ‘blue thread of woman’s’ and ‘red thread of man’s’ together to make definite and eternal relationship. They are not human, not ghost, rather supernatural beings. Love Space manager Joah meets human Mu-jin who does not believe in love. She comes to realize that they once were in Unblessed, Failed Relationship.

God, and Destiny tells them. You two are not meant to be. But they fight back. We choose our own destiny and our own love by ourselves!

Era, where Individual Happiness is more important than love and marriage. Time, when people do not cherish relationship, and get over crush so they are not heart-broken. Hard Love may hurt more, and last longer than easy break-up. But one thing can be assured; we become better person after going through hard-love. To grow a young tree called ‘love’ and bear a fruit, lot of hard work and devotion is required. <Love Space> is fairy tale-like Fantasy; about devotion young tree called ‘love’ requires, before it bears fruit.


CMO ANTHONY KIM | +82-10-3025-0987 |

PD An Ji Won |+82-10-6235-3790 |

Producer LEE YUN YONG | +82-10-6821-2535 |

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