Oh My Baby


Genre: Drama, Family, Romance

Description: A story about a 39 year old single woman, who has no luck when it comes to men. Not that she didn’t try, but sadly it just never worked out. Now she wants to forget about exhausting relationships, and just give birth to a baby of her own. While looking for the perfect male candidate to conceive her future baby, three different, but equally attractive men capture her attention. Including, Yi-sang, a freelance photographer who rudely rejected Ha-ri three years ago.

Screening: https://watch.cjenm.com/broadcast/sub/view?contentsId=B120207266

Contact information: Juyeon Choi / juyeon.choi2@cj.net / +82 2 371 8678

CJ ENM Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@CJENMMEDIA

tvN Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@tvNdrama

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