CJ ENM is a leading entertainment company originated from Korea. Since 1995, the company has engaged in a wide array of businesses across the industry spectrum including media content, music, film, performing arts, and animation, providing its top-notch original content to various media platforms.

As the owner of diverse TV channels and OTT platform, TVING, CJ ENM has an impressive platform and enviable distribution within our business. We’re known as creators of must-see TV shows and have developed a loyal and expanding fan base in Korea and around the world. With production expertise and global network perfected and expanded over the past two decades, CJ ENM is taking the lead in the diversification and globalization of Korean content worldwide.

Contact information: Juyeon Choi / juyeon.choi2@cj.net / +82 2 371 8678

CJ ENM Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@CJENMMEDIA

tvN Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@tvNdrama

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