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RFG Distribution (RFGD) is currently one of the fastest growing players in the film production market, winner of the International Award “National Economy Elite”, and a member of the Entrepreneurship Development Support Fund. 

The companie’s filmography includes the following films: “The Last Seeker” (2006), “Shift” (2006), “Snow Is Not Melting Forever” (2009), “Alien Heap” (a full-length animated film), “To Be or Not to Be” (2011), “Shoes” (2012), “VYI” 3D (2014), The Teacher (2015), “BEEF: Russian Hip-Hop” (2019), “The Dragon Seal Mystery”  (2019) . Also a few art-house projects have been realized, short films have been made, which were successfully screened at various film festivals.

On May 11, 2022 the premiere of “Out of the Band” took place. The slogan of the film is: “If you don’t take care of your children – others will take care of them!” This is the story of a teenager who, in search of his place in the world, finds himself in a group that recruits kids for a mysterious fraternity. Through a series of challenges, the kids prove that they are special. Another assignment is murder. Having come to his senses, the main character must escape from yesterday’s friends and expose the criminals.

The film has already won numerous awards at Russian film festivals. At the IX All-Russian Festival “Provincial Russia” the film “Out of the Band” won three major awards at once:

– Ilya Boyko won the diploma for Best Cinematography for his film “Out of the Group”.

– Award in the category “Best Role” went to Yevgeny Kuntsevich, who played the leading role in the film “Out of the Group”.

– Elena Shonert and Alexei Petrukhin, the producers of the film, shared the “Best Producer” award.

The film also won the VIII Pitching of Debutants of the Youth Center of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and received the “Best Script” award of the festival “Amur Autumn” (2021).

On September 11, 2022 the film “Out of the Band” was shown at one of the largest film festivals “Pacific Meridian”. By numerous requests of the audience and the organizing committee of the festival a second additional screening was organized.

RFG Distribution has become one of the leaders among Russian companies in the international film distribution market. Having accumulated the necessary experience in direct sales of its own films to foreign territories, over time RFGD began to successfully act as an agent for foreign sales of films by other domestic film producers, making its name known both in film production and in international distribution. Due to its constant presence in all international markets, exhibitions and festivals, the employees of the company have achieved serious success in distribution.

The RFGD has received numerous awards and accolades during its tenure, including: National Certificate of the “Top Manager of the Russian Federation 2006” honorary title (awarded to Alexei Petrukhin, as producer of RFGD), Laureate of the International Award “Elite of the National Economy” (awarded to Alexei Petrukhin, as producer of RFGD LLC (2011), certificate of collective member of the Entrepreneurship Promotion Foundation (2011), and many others.

At the XVIII Professional Award Ceremony of the year in the film business “Blockbuster” in 2014, the film VYI produced by RFGD was recognized as “The highest-grossing domestic film of 2014”. The film was also named “The highest-grossing film of the year by box office per copy” (1.2 million rubles). Alexei A. Petrukhin, VYI producer, won the top prize in the “Producer of the Year” category.

Also in 2014, RFGD was included in the 100 Best Companies in Russia and received the “Company #1” award. In 2015, the management team of the Film Company was awarded the “Best Business Team 2015” award for their invaluable contribution to the economic development of the company. Film producer Alexei A. Petrukhin was honored as a True Business Captain and was awarded the Captain’s Helm. Also, RFGD was awarded the “Best Taxpayer of the Year” award (2015).

In March 2023, the film company’s new film “Dads vs. Moms” will premiere. The distributor is Nashe Kino. In light of what is happening in the world, we all miss a real family comedy to just relax, laugh and cry with our loved ones. The film “Dads vs. Moms” will help viewers to feel the brightest emotions!

Coverage of RFG film projects

Man’s Season: The Velvet Revolution (2005)  $6 860 000
Viy 3D (2014)Russia: $34 592 118 Worldwide: $39 539 416
The Teacher (2015)Russia: $229 592 Worldwide: $229 227
BEEF: Russian Hip-Hop (2019)Russia: $383 788 Worldwide: $381 571
The Dragon Seal Mystery (2019)Russia: $5 712 373 Worldwide: $14 051 279

More information: rfgd.ru

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