DEEP was founded in 2019 by Dentsu Japan Network (DJN) and OKS Group.Import aiming at importing the Asian content to Russia and CIS with its further adaptation and localization, promotion and monetization. We participate in the creation and development of local content projects by using our own resources and expertise in the field. Our catalogue includes well-known animation series, kids content and dorama series from Japan, China and South Korea professionally dubbed by the experienced members of our team 

Our interests lie in the following sectors: various content for video platforms, cybersport, music, concerts, big screen content, creation of shows, game industry and special events. 

  • Importing and localizing content 
  • Producing and co-producing shows and series, and managing associated rights 
  • Producing and distributing content for OTT platforms, TV channels and other video platforms 
  • Organizing themed events and rights management 

We are open to partnerships with multi-platform media holdings, OTT platforms, TV channels, content distributors, production studios, IP holders, content tech players and experts. 

Company Presentation


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