Current status: In production

Genre: Edutainment, Adventure, Family

Target group: 0+

Timing: 7’00”

Producer: Tatiana Tsyvareva, Evgeniy Golovin, Anton Smetankin, Ekaterina Kashintseva, Anna Votinceva

Script writer: Maria Parfenova, Evgeniy Golovin,

Alena Samsonova, Roman Samsonov, Alexey

Safronov, Oleg Veselov, Oleg Berkov-Sinyukov,

Ivan Filippov, Dzhalil Rizvanov, Alexey Osin,

Alexander Alfeev, Aleksandra Kozlova, Maria

Hanafieva,Anna Shevtsova

Director: Vera Myakisheva, Alexey Mironov, Dzhalil

Rizvanov, Olga Mikhalyova, Alina Zolotaryova

Release date: March 2020

Episodes: 104

Puppies Vicky, Georgie, Mia, Dan and kittens Alice and Lucy are in the centre of the story. All the characters are kind, cheerful, welcoming and hardworking. At school they learn important rules of life, and after they gather to play, to compete and to make celebrations. They often get into funny stories. But they not only have fun.

Victoria Bolotova


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