Current status: In production

Genre: Adventure 

Target group:   3+

Timing: 5’30”

Producer: Tatiana Tsyvareva, Vadim Volya, Evgeniy Golovin, Anton Smetankin, Natalia Kozlova, Narine Sagiyan

Script writer: Evgeny Golovin, Maria Parfenova, Anton Lanshakov, Stas Mikhailov

Director: Alexey Mironov, Vera Myakisheva, Mikhail Medvedev

Release date: March 2015

Episodes: 234

It’s a story about the adventures of unresting mischief-makers: a brown bear cub named Bucky, a polar bear cub named Bjorn and a little fox Franny. Bucky is fond of gadgets and technology, while Bjorn is a child of nature. The series’ help viewers to see how you can live in harmony with nature while at the same time be knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and curious. Through the series viewers learn that friendship overcomes any obstacles.

Victoria Bolotova

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