SMF Animation


SMF Animation (Soyuzmultfilm) today is a multifaceted group of production, licensing and educational facilities, which include an animation studio, an animation technology park, an educational and recreational center for kids and a licensing agency.  The company was founded in 1936 and has been at the forefront of Russian animation ever since, with over 300 hours of animation and over 1500 films produced.  We are looking into the future with a commitment to preserve the tradition.

Founded in 1936, SMF Animation Studio has always been on the forefront of innovation in Russian animation. 

 It has created over 1500 animated movies with over 4 billion views on YouTube, gaining international recognition for its projects. Many of them are considered among the classics of the animation world. The “Golden Collection” of SMF is recognized for its world-renowned directors, production designers and animators.

SMF also continues to expand its international reach, broadcasting and streaming films in over 50 countries, including: France, UK, Germany Israel, China, Australia, Indonesia and many others.


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