Beadies, Animation Series


Technique: 3D CGI

Genre: Educational, musical, family

Target group: 0+ (core 1-4)

Timing: 5′

Author and script writer: Shelegina Anna

Main inspirer:

Andreychikov Platon

Andreychikov Miron

General producer:

Andreychikova Yana

Andreychikov Anton

Shelegina Anna

Producer: Shelegina Anna

Executive producer:

Makarov Nikita

Arginbaeva Olga

Production Designer: Konstantin Anufriev

Composer: Yana Pisarevskaya

Editor: Dinara Nezametdinova


Ekaterina IOWA Ivanchikova
Anton Makarskiy
Varvara Sarantseva
Mariya Ivashchenko
Anastasia Shestovskaya
Irina Ukhanova
Evgeniy Valts

Production: Platoshka

Legal Owner: Platoshka

Release date: 01.06.2021

Current status: 67/110

Claim: Watch, repeat and grow!

Beadies is a developmental musical cartoon series for kids up to four years of age. Created by a team of animators, child psychologists, teachers and parents. Beadies uses play to provide comprehensive child development while accounting for a child’s perception. Most importantly, we put our hearts into making Beadies.

Coco the Hen, Cheep, Wolfy, Foxtail, Meowser, and Hoppy all live in the magical Beadies album. Each one of them uses interaction with children to develop social, intellectual, physical, sensorial, musical, and artistic skills, while giving parents hints on how to play with their child.

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