Three Old Boys 三叉戟


Genre: Action, Drama, Crime

Director: Qunshu GAO

Cast: Zhizhong HUANG, Wu JIANG, Tao GUO, Oho OU

The era of the new generation is coming/ While the internet, artificial intelligence and other high technologies are applied in all aspects of life, crime technology and criminal investigation are also upgrading day by day/ In such fastchanging times, the three retiring policemen, Cui Tiejun (Wu JIANG) and Pan Jianghai (Tao GUO), may not be able to keep up with this new era/ The “three old boys” had to use their “outdated” detection experience to against new kinds of crime they’ve never seen, meanwhile, to confront with Various forces.

Short Description:

Directed by BU Sifan and starring Zhizhong HUANG, Wu JIANG, Tao GUO, Oho OU, the Chinese film Three Old Boys will be released soon this year.

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