Marry Me, Marry You


Episodes: 38 eps x 45 mins

Genre: Family, Light Drama

Taken in and cared for by her loving godmothers after the death of her own mother

at a very young age, a woman named Camille grows up to be a strong-willed person who values her adoptive family more than anything in the world. 

But while surrounded by her godmothers, Elvie, Marvi, and Paula, as well as their own families, Camille cannot help but feel a lingering emptiness in her heart. That is, until she meets Andrei – the billionaire son of a tech tycoon. 

Driven and competitive, Andrei treats business and life like a game that he always needs to win. Due to his risk-taking nature, he often clashes with his more calculating father, Emilio. But Andrei’s heart also hides a scar, filled with resentment after having been abandoned by his mother at a young age. 

After a rocky start, Andrei hires Camille to woo an important investor for a life-changing business venture. But what was once an ambitious quest turns into a journey of healing for both of them when they find love in each other’s arms. 

However, Andrei and Camille share more than just a similar loss. What might happen when  Andrei finds out that the mother he’s resented all his life is also one of the mothers who loved and adopted Camille


Pia B. Laurel  
Sales Head, OTT and Co-production 
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 917 5372573 

Laarni J. Yu  
Sales Head, Europe, MENA, and Africa | Airlines 
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 917 569 8531 

Maria Wincess L. Gonzalez  
Sales Head, Asia and Latin America 
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 998 991 5838

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