La Vida Lena


Episodes: 50 eps x 45 mins

Genre: Revenge Drama

Due to a prominent scar upon her face, Magda is a woman who’s no stranger to

intense bullying and discrimination. Despite facing constant criticism, however, she remains a kind and positive young lady who strives to use her skills and smarts to secure a comfortable life for her family, specifically her Grandpa Dado who instilled in her a sense of self-respect. 

Soon enough, she develops a new type of soap that quickly becomes popular with the public. Her success, unfortunately, rouses the ire of the Narciso family – the owners of the biggest surgical and cosmetic company in the country. Immediately, the wealthy family tries to buy the formula from her. But due to their contrasting views, Magda refuses. 

As a result, a string of bad luck comes her way; culminating in her losing everything dear to her. Now, with a hardened heart and one goal in mind, Marga rises from the ashes ready to retaliate against the people who ruined her life – by using beauty as her weapon.  


Pia B. Laurel  
Sales Head, OTT and Co-production 
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 917 5372573 

Laarni J. Yu  
Sales Head, Europe, MENA, and Africa | Airlines 
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 917 569 8531 

Maria Wincess L. Gonzalez  
Sales Head, Asia and Latin America 
Whatsapp/Viber: +63 998 991 5838

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