2 Good 2 Be True


Episodes: approx 70 eps x 45 mins

Genre: Light Romance

Eloy is a smart young mechanic who is well-loved in his community.  His natural skill

with engines has earned him the endearment “Engine Whisperer.”  But Eloy’s bright disposition conceals the tragedy of his past: his father Fred is in jail for the death of his mother Miriam.   

Eloy pursues his education in Law school, not only to fulfill his parents’ dream for him, but to help exonerate his father.  This despite the circumstances around his mother’s death and his father’s innocence are both still unclear to him. He is his father’s only family left, and Eloy has made it his mission to free his father not only from jail, but from the grief caused by his mother’s death. 

A simple heist gets Eloy more than he bargained for.  The heist was only meant to take money from the person that brought injuries to his friend’s father.  But not only did it unravel secrets from his past, it also steered Eloy to meet Ali. 

Ali is a no-nonsense real talker who is focused on pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor.  She works as a nurse at a hospital and is often hired as a private nurse on occasion.   

Eloy and Ali’s worlds converge when Ali takes on the job as the private nurse of a stern and cunning wealthy patriarch, Hugo Agcaoili, who has been recently diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).  This is at the same time Eloy discovers that Hugo is connected to the accident that killed his mother. 

Eloy devices a plan to pretend to be Hugo’s long lost heir as smokescreen to his investigation on Hugo’s involvement in his mother’s death and his father’s incarceration.  But as the pretense runs on, he finds himself falling in love with Ali.  Eloy’s good heart and unwitting charm also softens the stern Hugo, with whom he develops a relationship akin to a real grandfather. This poses emotional and moral dilemma for Eloy.  He is compelled to be true to the people he has learned to care for at the hacienda, and especially Ali who he has fallen deeply in love with. 

On the eve of Eloy’s confession, Tristan arrives to introduce himself as Hugo’s true heir, and unmasks Eloy as a fraud.  Eloy is forced to face the consequences of his actions, most of all the loss of his one true great love, Ali, whose heart he shattered by his betrayal of trust.  

Can love overcome the pain brought by all the lies and deceptions, or is the love Eloy and Ali share simply just Too Good To Be True? 


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