Zhongkui Kills Demon Legend


Type: Action / Fantasy / Costume Film

Duration: 1 x 72′

During the prosperous period of the Tang Dynasty, the demons in Chang’an were rampant, and the people were not alive. The Heavenly Master’s Mansion issued a demon-catching order, and the head Wuchenzi was to protect all living creatures, sealing the demon king Mufeng’s demon origin. The millennium flower demon Feng Si Niang came to seek revenge for her lover and washed the palace of the heavenly master with blood. Then he looked around for Zhong Kui and lifted the seal to get the demon element to resurrect Mu Feng. Zhong Kui experienced the difference between good and evil in the world, broke the armor into a demon for love, broke the demons and defeated himself, experienced love, and eventually became a generation of demon-catching masters. Duan Yiyi sacrificed his life to save Zhong Kui and helped Zhong Kui become a celestial master. His good brother Su Tu made his heroic sacrifice for Zhong Kui. Zhong Kui finally sacrificed his ego to save the world, and influenced the millennium flower demon Feng Si Niang to give the world a light.


Samantha Wong — Head of Global Division

Email: samantha.wong@znanimation.com

Tel: +65 9100 3282

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