Zelly Go


3D Animation Series

Season 1: 104ep*1 min

Season 2: 70ep*3min

Season 3: 60ep*2min

Season 4: 62ep*2min

GOGO, ROO, POCO and JOJO, who have been wandering in search of the missing “Jelly Ball,” will wake up on a strange volcanic island and meet “Bag-men” who stole “Jelly Ball” there. Bag-men, who sanctifies jelly, tries to throw away ZellyGo who coveted “Jelly Ball” into the bubbling lava of the volcanic island. “Bag-men,” which look cute, are so powerful when they stick together in group. Can ZellyGo get their hands on ‘Jelly Ball’ safely from the eyes of “Bag-men”? The wild comic story of GOGO, RORO, POOPO, JOJO versus the guard of “Jelly Ball”, “Bag-men” is now starting!


Yan Wang – International Kids Content Acquisition & Co-Production

Mob : +86 13810189872

Email: yixiao.wy@alibaba-inc.com

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