Tribes and Empires


Drama-Costume Legendary

75 episode x 47 min

English Dubbed Version Available


At the end of the Duan Dynasty, the 300-year-long covenant between the royal Muyun family and the Muru family broke because of a prophecy. The prophecy said the state would be in great disorder if the sixth price Muyun Sheng took the sword and Muru Hanjiang would become the future emperor. Local forces represented by Muyun Luan and Muyun De plotted to take the opportunity to seize power, so they even cooperated with the evil. Crown Prince Muyun Sheng didn’t love the power or believe the fate but as willing to give up his power and position for the true love. Muru Hanjiang was born in the noble family but grew up in the folk. He loved freedom but wanted to protect order. After experiencing hardships, he finally returned to the family. After losing his relatives and people during the battle with Muru’s cavalry, Shuofeng Heye who experienced baptism of blood and fire, separation with people forever, cold and warm treatment and collision of power finally grew up into King of Tieqin from an avenger.


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