The Story of Kingdom


Animation, Kids, Pre-school

26eps x 11min/ep

There was a magical land in the world—the animal kingdom. Animals there lived and studied together like human beings.Little Piggy Sister Cho Cho was born in such a loving town. She was lively, kind, and eager to see the outside world. In order to win a prize of a trip, she took part in the competition with the cute Belluk (bear), the clever

Tang Jie (rabbit), and the twin mouse brothers. After losing the game, Cho Cho met four good partners with different personalities. However, the appearance of the black wolf Delly disrupted the peace in the town and the fat mouse Punk disappeared. To rescue him, Cho Cho and her partners went into the Black Forest and start their adventure journey.


Yinan Ding – Senior Manager, Overseas Distribution & Marketing

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