The Rebel Princess



68 episode x 45 min

English Subtitled Version Available


Born in an aristocratic family, Wang Xuan is a childhood sweetheart of Prince Zidan, but after being involved in the power struggle of the royal court, she has to marry Xiao Qi, a general with a humble background,. On their wedding night, the bridegroom is forced to leave the capital, leaving her humiliated and frustrated. The Helan prince kidnapped Wang Xuan to seek revenge on Xiao Qi. Such a misfortune turns out to be a blessing in disguise as it brings about true love between the couple. They are soon separated for a second time because of court strife and the frame-up of the empress dowager, and get reunited after many twists and turns. Together they defeat the rebels and end the border war waged by the Helan clan. In a military coup, Wang Xuan risks her life to escort Zidan, who has no interest in the throne, safely out of the capital, and she herself leads the troops to defend the city and manages to hold their ground until her husband comes back for reinforcement after stabilizing the border. Thereafter the couple work together to bring stability and prosperity to the country.

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