The Making Of: The Beijing Winter Olympics


The Making Of: The Beijing Winter Olympics


4 episode x 45 min

English Subtitled Version Available

THE MAKING OF: THE BEIJING WINTER OLYMPICS is a documentary film featuring the protagonist’s self-description. Pure on-the-spot recording of actual events, the documentary, themed with the “innovative sci-tech, Intelligent and Green Winter Olympics”, demonstrates the beautiful life of the Chinese people who have been devoted focus on the development and construction of the Winter Olympics, records the genuine stories of the Winter Olympics builders and participants in the context of the new era. It is an in-depth interpretation of the solutions advanced by China’s Winter Olympics for the international community to explore a better future, a mirror of the technological progress produced by the persistent development of the national economy and the public’s surging enthusiasm for winter sports via hosting of the Games, highlighting the “sense of happiness, gain, security and identity” brought by the 2022 Winter Olympics to the Chinese people.


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