The Crack of Dawn


Modern Suspense

24eps x 35min/ep

Li Xiaonan got married with the social trend, and her biggest dream was to buy a house of her own. However, there are scars hidden under the ordinary life, and her husband Su Rui owes foreign debts and acts maliciously against her. Xiao Nan, who was driven to a desperate situation, could only fight back to protect herself. When the danger was approaching its climax, Su Rui suddenly drowned! In order to pay off Su Rui’s debt, Li Xiaonan and Wang Cheng get married. The two people who originally took what they needed turned out to be truly in love. But she never expected that Wang Cheng was closely related to Su Rui’s death. Until the truth came out, she and Wang Cheng finally made their own choices in love and redemption.


Yinan Ding – Senior Manager, Overseas Distribution & Marketing

+86-135 8882 0198

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