The City of Musicals


Music Program


“The City of Musicals”is a competition variety show from Dragon TV, that seeks to introduce musicals and the musical industry to the audience. The show has 32 musical actors at the start.Through a series of musical performances, the competitors can show their comprehensive ability of singing, dancing and acting. From the “first appearance”, 1 vs 1 confrontation and cooperation with others, they incubate new pieces of musicals and one of them will win the “crown of musicals”. Moreover, “Support Team of Musicals”, made up of Liao Changyong, Zhang Yuqi, Ayanga, Huang Hsu-Chung, Xiao Ke and Da Zhang Wei, will witness the growth of the competitors.

The show not only shows the respect and love of musical actors, but also presents numerous stages of high quality, attracting more and more talents and audiences to the musical industry and promoting the prosperity of the ecology of Chinese original musicals.


Cong Li
Deputy director, Content Business Dept

Tina Jin 
Manager of Content Business Dept

Kelly Zhan
Business Manager

July Qi
Manager of Content Business Dept

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