Realm of Terracotta


3D feature film / Adventure / Fantasy / Romance

Deep in the Realm of Terracotta, terracotta warriors and fierce creatures known as Tiran constantly wage war in the subterranean city of Qinyang during the Qin Dynasty. A young orderly named Magnus dreams of one day becoming an Elite Warrior. To do this, he sets out to capture a Tiran. On his

quest, he meets a human girl named Jade, who is hunting the same Tiran. They team up and, over time, fall in love with one another. Together they learn the secret behind the monsters’ invasion, but

it’s too late. The ultimate war between terracotta and Tiran has begun. Magnus and Jade must figure out how to stop the war and finally bring peace back to the realm.

111 mins


Kristina Razmerova — Senior Regional Manager
Phone:+86 15012470425

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