Master JiGong


Type: Animation/ Fantasy / Adventure/ Movie

Duration: 1 x 92′

Li Xiuyuan is a naughty boy who is living in Yongning Village at the foot of Chicheng Mountain with his family. In order to heal his long-sick mother, he has been desiring to be a hero by doing king things for the villagers however all turns the opposite way, making the villagers furied at him.

After through a series of risky encounters, Li Xiuyuan  realises that he himself is the reincarnation of the great hero Master Ji Gong. Li Maochun, father of Li Xiuyuan, bewitched  by JinLing,  seizes the Golden Spirit in order to assume the mission of saving the world for his son. However, JinLing rapped away the Golden Spirit and rouse the Golden Wing to destroy the world. With no way out, the father and the son chose to sacrifice themselves to save the world, however it is still as throwing straws against the wind. At the last second, the dying li Xiuyuan, finally realized that love is shaper than gold, this fianlly turn him the incarnation of Master Ji Gong. After experiencing the sufferings of the human world, Master Ji Gong choose to give up everything but to travel around the world, to save people from the sufferings.


Samantha Wong — Head of Global Division


Tel: +65 9100 3282

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