Love Unexpected


【Episode/ Duration】24ep/35min

【Director】Jiang Tianhang

【Cast】Yang Tingdong/ Gong Wanyi/ Ren Yinsong/ Ren Yinpeng/ Li Peiyang/ Xiang Yunjie



Lu Fan Fan works as a personal nutritionist. As a favor to her friend she goes for an interview to work for Liu Ruochen who suffers from an eating disorder. After a whole day of cooking for him she still gets rejected. Her friend decides to cheer her up and rents a hotel suite for them to relax and have fun. As Lu Fan Fan gets ready to sleep a sudden power cut makes her go out of her room in search of help. While walking through a door in the corridor she suddenly gets transported back 12 years to the past and meets the 20 year old Liu Ruochen.


Nancy Zhang – Business Manager

Tel: 13611253223

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