Love in flames of War


During the period of the Republic of China, Lin HangJing, whose father is imprisoned, went to General Xiao, a friend of her father’s.  Although she is a guest, she blends in well with the family. Xiao BeiChen, the 3rd Son of General Xiao is very bossy. He bullies her from the very beginning, but he gradually becomes infatuated by her strong sense of independence. General Xiao sends his son to study at the military academy. The 7th wife of General Xiao promises to match Xiao BeiChen with Lin HangJing when he graduates. After five years of hard work, under the strict training of instructors, Xiao BeiChen, who experiences the hardships of war, grew from a spoilt brat to a fully fledged soldier. After returning home from school, he learns that Lin HangJing had fallen in love with Mu ZiZheng.  Due to an unexpected turn of events Xiao BeiChen and Lin HangJing agreed to marry. After marriage, the two experience all kinds of hardships. But in the end the two of them resolved their  issues and joined hands to protect their homeland.

Genre                           Period   Romance

Episodes                        45’  × 43


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