Legend of Changsheng


Type: Feature Film/ Action Film

Duration: 1 x 83′

Leader of Green Dragon Clan and respected elder of the martial arts world, Xuan Yuanshi, is struck with a stroke and becomes bedridden. He worries that his condition will cause the downfall of his clan and discord among the martial arts circle, with the biggest threat coming from his once junior clansman, Wuya. The latter has set up his own sect, and kills those in his way mercilessly, becoming the martial arts world’s public enemy. Xuan Yuanshi instructs disciple Xinghe to lure Wuya with the secret of attaining eternal life as a bait, in an attempt to rid the clan’s menace. Xinghe sets the trap and awaits patiently, but the one who comes is Wuya’s foster son Changsheng instead. Over their unexpected acquaintance, Xinghe discovers that many in the martial arts world are actually now coming after his blood with the belief that it is that secret for eternal life, and some are even after his life. Unable to fight the onslaught attacks alone, Xinghe seeks Changsheng’s help, hoping to find the mastermind behind these sinister schemes. The two undergo a series of life and death challenges, turning from foe to friend…


Samantha Wong — Head of Global Division

Email: samantha.wong@znanimation.com

Tel: +65 9100 3282

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