Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Media Co.,Ltd


Golden Eagle Cartoon Satellite TV is the first HD cartoon satellite TV in China. It is enjoyed by more than 1billion people. Its audience rating ranks NO.1 in congener satellite TVs steadily. Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Media Co., Ltd. has created a new pattern of the integrated business for new media, which combines original animation, program production, IP industrialized merchandising and streaming together; The original animation Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea was a new edition of a Chinese classic fairy tale which presented in vivid way. And the real-life themed animation Sunny Girl No .23 allows hundreds of millions of families to share the joined happiness and pleasures together through watching it. It produced a series of phenomenal popular parent-child programs,and it leads new trends for Chinese parent-child programs and spreads healthy and positive energy. It built a video streaming media platform Magee TV, devoting to forging the first parent-child video streaming media platform. It has a lot of animated derivation commercial items being marketed and licensed into the market by its series of Magee intelligent robot productions.


ZHEN WANG – Overseas Distributor
Tel:+86 15874155487

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