Future TV Co., Ltd


NewTV is an independent and controllable and powerful Internet TV new media platform under the CCTV.com. It is also an important frontline for the main theme of the main station. As of February 2021, the number of users reached 310 million.

Relying on abundant superior content resources, NewTV is integrating an intelligent large-screen industrial ecosystem in an open and collaborative attitude, strengthening media + service capabilities, and has fully covered mainstream smart terminals at home and abroad, providing users with on-demand services for high-quality programs such as news, sports, movies, children’s programs, and documentaries, as well as vertical application services such as children’s programs, square dance, and e-commerce, forming a new smart life service scenario.

In recent years, NewTV has been actively expanding its new media channels overseas. With its market advantages, it formed the three-in-one development strategy covering contents operation, copyright distribution and platform expansion. Its video creators cover multiple categories such as film and television, entertainment, music, life, games, and tourism, spreading the voice of China and tell the Chinese story to the world, and making every effort to promote the construction of international communication capabilities.


Nancy Zhang – Business Manager


Tel: 13611253223

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