Flying Apsaras


Epic musical


Chinese Version available:

The epic musical Flying Apsaras is created by Li Dun, Sanbao and Guan Shan from the Chinese musical “Iron Triangle”. Inspired by the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, this drama is the first musical with the theme of flying apsaras in China. At present, this work is in full production and will be performed in Dunhuang in the future. On Sept 5, 2021, the 14 songs from the show will debut as a concert. A yunga, Liu Yan, Xu Yao, Zhu Fu, Le Wei, Hu Kuang, Mou Yi and other top Chinese musical performers will be invited to sing. The live band and 60-member choir, as well as the multi-media presentation of Dunhuang frescoes, will show the audience a full audio-visual experience of Dunhuang culture.


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