Floating Youth



24 episode x 40 min

Chinese Version Available

Chen Che and Shen Zhouzhou are two talented ice hockey players. They led Jiangcheng United University ice hockey team and made it through to the finals in the Southwest Collegiate Ice Hockey League. But however, a phone call changed their lives. during the game, Chen Che was banned for leavingft the rinkfield without permission during the gamea word, which led to the defeat of their team. Their team lost, andSoon afterwards, Shen Zhouzhou was sent abroad by his father…. Two years later, Jiangcheng United University ice hockey team was atslipped to the bottom of the ranking and was about tofaced dissolutionve. Chen Che’s had always been guilty been blaming himself all the time and determined to help keep the ice hockey team. However, the two-year blank period made it difficult for him to catch up. Though ensuing difficulties and accidents occurred, Chen che Che did not choose to back down this time. With the support from his team, he decided to stick to his dream and cherish every minute on the ice rink. Just when everything went well, Shen Zhouzhou discovered the secrets that Chen Che had been hiding…


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